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That's right, I have something worth writing about! It sure has been a while!

I'm in Boston this week ♥ just for a couple days, but it should be nice. I'm using Airbnb for the first time and so far it's going great. (Bonus: my airbnb hosts are *super hot* o///o!) I've been doing a little writing on the Triptych of Pain and some miscellaneous drabbles, check out my AO3 for more of that --…

Also: I made an Instagram so I could follow male fashion models (oAo they're so pretty) and I post pictures on it sometimes: crisp.silver.lines is the name!

I'm planning a super cool Halloween costume this year, more on that later. I want to get a couple friends to join me and hide in shadowy corners around campus, moving around in people's peripheral vision. You know, the scary stuff. I was thinking about getting some fake skulls and making the Yellow King from True Detective, but decided not to since it's a little too weird.
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Submitted on
October 15, 2016