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Hey all,

I'm going on hiatus for a few months. I don't use dA very much anyway, so it shouldn't be much of an issue. Thought I'd let you all know, though, just in case. :)

If you need to reach me, I'll put my email in my bio.

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I recently managed to get all the stuff I need to make antlers to wear for Halloween -- currently using a wire mesh with RigidWrap plaster cloth on it, then painted black, for the pair of creepy black antlers I want to make!

I've got a few days left to work on it, so I'm not rushing at all (lol), and currently I admit I've only just decided on a general shape for them -- something like this.
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o///o I posted a (XXX) Hannigram fanfic on AO3 about 13 hours ago before going to sleep...I check my laptop at the end of the day and it's got almost 400 views! So I had to re-read it and see if it was any good, because I could barely remember it when I woke up (lol). If they liked that headcanon, I should really hurry up and post more Triptych of Pain already. It's a slow burn, but it burns hot once it starts. :}

I'll probably also post more XXX-rated Hannigram on AO3 eventually. Link to my profile:…
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That's right, I have something worth writing about! It sure has been a while!

I'm in Boston this week ♥ just for a couple days, but it should be nice. I'm using Airbnb for the first time and so far it's going great. (Bonus: my airbnb hosts are *super hot* o///o!) I've been doing a little writing on the Triptych of Pain and some miscellaneous drabbles, check out my AO3 for more of that --…

Also: I made an Instagram so I could follow male fashion models (oAo they're so pretty) and I post pictures on it sometimes: crisp.silver.lines is the name!

I'm planning a super cool Halloween costume this year, more on that later. I want to get a couple friends to join me and hide in shadowy corners around campus, moving around in people's peripheral vision. You know, the scary stuff. I was thinking about getting some fake skulls and making the Yellow King from True Detective, but decided not to since it's a little too weird.
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I waited a long time to watch the last season. I didn't want to know how it ended. More than a year later, I decided to find out. And for all that I didn't like about the season, the finale was ultimately as satisfying as I had hoped it would be.

The Triptych, as I imagine it to be, remains unchanged. But I will acknowledge that Fuller didn't ruin the series with the finale that he chose.

To the end, it was art in motion.
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As per my usual pace, it's been a while since I last did any visible work on the Triptych of Pain. Fortunately, I've had some fantastic dreams recently that have set the atmosphere for me to post some updates very soon. I enjoy working on it far too much to leave it alone!

To get me into the right mood for adding to the Triptych, I've been re-reading earlier chapters and earlier versions of later chapters, and am currently pasting the first few chapters from dA to AO3, where my handle is Anna_Hopkins, so that when I get to the parts that are too graphic for dA, I won't miss a beat.

I'm also sorting through ideas for what to draw for my personal cover art (I like the idea of printing out the Triptych to have on my bookshelf). Possible motifs: works by the Marquis de Sade; the German Renaissance/Northern Renaissance; the Italian Renaissance; Mapplethorpe's photography; Nietzsche's works; and Schammasch's albums. It helps that I now have a job at a library, where I have access to all sorts of neat books. :)

For now, I'll post a little more regularly on dA, with more chapters from Halcyon Days to come once I get a good idea for how to continue. Halcyon Days also could use a better title, but I'll worry about that when I get to it.

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I've settled into this routine of being offline a lot and coming back and apologizing for my absence. :) I'm not really that sorry, I'm lazy as all heck.

I returned to college about 2 weeks ago (?) and am taking Physics 1, Intermediate Cell Biology, Calculus II, and Elementary German II. I wish I could've taken a dang chemistry course but it just doesn't seem to be working out. All of my classes are pretty nice so far -- I just have to play Minecraft less and study more. :')

I was flipping through one of my random notebooks today and found a few chapters of the Halcyon Days story idea I had -- it's probably one of the most fleshed-out of my story ideas -- which got me in the mood to log onto dA and post a bit. Halcyon Days starts to have mature content toward the middle/later half, but these first few 'teaser' chapters aren't too bad, so I think I'll type 'em up and post them.

The latter half of Halcyon Days is too graphic for dA (or I suspect it will be) so I'll be posting it on my writing gallery instead.


Since I've figured out where the scanner is in the library, I'll take requests to draw different stuff, if anyone wants me to sketch for them. :)
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Try as I might I can't think of anything interesting to do. I might just clean my room. ;w;

What do you guys suggest? Maybe I'll try taking up painting or something.
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I got Pokemon Go a few days ago, and it's pretty fun so far. I'm going to NYC to try and catch some good Pokemon with my friends in a week or so.

Earlier in the week I was re-reading Red Dragon and had the idea of using it as the Paradiso for the Triptych of Pain -- I've been writing extra sentences into the canon that suit my continuation of the plot. As for Inferno, progress was slowed somewhat by me being lazy, but it's getting back into shape.

I've been considering trying acrylic painting again. Greyscale landscapes, perhaps? I remain unsure.
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Today I went to the Landcraft Environments Garden in Mattituck, NY. They had an Open Garden Day, and a lot of people were there; I chose not to take any photographs so that I could better enjoy my time there. If anyone who likes gardens is close enough to Mattituck to visit, I definitely recommend it. I was inspired by the color combinations and lively atmosphere.

Having enjoyed my visit, I am now rather inspired towards working on my own garden, which is currently overrun with grass and weeds. Wouldn't it be neat to use dark foliage and white flowers to have a high-contrast, "dark"-themed garden? I want to try and draw out my idea later today or tomorrow. It would be really neat to create such a garden as part of a Gothic tea house -- with large shade trees overhead and the black-and-white theme on the ground, and antique dishes and tables. I just wish I had the skills to illustrate the idea properly, and then to create it in real life.

So, today's question of the day is, what do you think of such a garden? Would you visit it?
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As the title states -- I'm considering drawing more often. Should I? It's been a while since I did anything decent.
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Around this time of day I usually get to thinking about what I want to do before I go back to school. Today, I thought I might write about it. Those Hannibal's Influence chapters are part of a three-part series that I've decided to call the Triptych of Pain; my goal is to finish at least one third of the Triptych before the summer ends, especially as I've had the ideas in my head for a while.

The Triptych is based on Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights, and as I reformat the chapters of Hannibal's Influence, the first of the three arcs, I hope to finally get around to companion illustrations that would make it more fun to read. I don't think I've added any art to the gallery in a long while, and that's too bad, you know? Hahaha.

Everything will be posted on my writing gallery, , and possibly on my AO3 account, around the same time as when I post it here.



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It's funny how difficult it is to type and have it not read as sarcasm. O_O" Anyways, today's update is, I dropped Minecraft like a hot potato. Now I can finally get on with my life. xD

The main question now is, where did I leave off in the other stuff I was doing?
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Summer is the busy season on the East End -- for us year-round residents anyways. Now that all the vacationers are coming out, I've been working every day I can lately, and making bank, if I do say so myself. :) I've just got to resist spending it as fast as I get it!

Instead of writing a long journal this time, I think I might actually go outside (goodness forbid! The horrors!) and work in the garden, or at least do some chores in the house. I'll post again later in the week, I think.

Also, for anybody that might be waiting on me to post more chapters of stuff -- I might continue the stories on AO3, I'll post a journal entry if that happens.
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At the university I'm attending, the last day of classes is this Thursday, the 12th. I've got 2 final exams, and an essay for the other class; then, on the 18th, I'll leave the Midwest and return to the East Coast (and my cats). I'd be more excited for this if I hadn't somehow managed to become sick this week. So I'm balancing several to-do lists with the regimen of antibiotics and decongestants and other things that I was prescribed. =\

In better news, my parsley is growing nicely, and I've managed to consolidate a lot of my archives into digital format as of recently. I may write a bit more and post it here, but I'm not sure yet. I know there are several things I haven't continued working on, which I received requests to work on. Apologies for the delay. ^_^

Best wishes as the spring reaches its end!
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I'm currently going through my archives and trying to digitize as much as I can before I return home for the summer, so that I can minimize what's left to pack up. While going through one of my notebooks, I spotted the journal entry I wrote for a class, which served as a fourth entry to my travelogue, called "Garden of Earthly Complaint". It is below.

On Saturday, 3/26, I made my way to the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The mild spring breeze and early-blossoming sakura brought a great number, it seems, so that my time among the trees was loud, and if there were peace to be found, I struggled to grasp it within the fluctuating noise.

For a time I roamed the forested walkways, often in only a quiet murmur; springtime flowers and grasses flourished in the shade of the canopy, to my enjoyment. Some evergreens bore tiny red fruits, glimmering gemlike in the dappled sunlight. Technically I had not yet entered the garden, but was walking the borders.

In the interest of experiencing the garden 'properly' I made my approach to the large central pong, which, bordered by weeping cherries, bore the soft floral air abreeze. A few petals rose from the dipping branches, white or pale pink, blinding in the afternoon sun -- some of these danced over the grounds, and others were destined to float lazily over the pond's green-tinged water.

The observation room was crowded on my arrival, as tourist spots are wont to be, and the noise of speech exacerbated my aching skull, stuffing my ears with mundane nonsense. I found a seat in the corner, where the koi gathered, and set pen to paper with the koi massing just below the plank-benches.

Watching in silence, I spent the most time viewing the meanderings of the koi -- speckled, large specimens whose fellows in the pond must represent several generations. The first poked their backs up into the air, grasping lazily the numerous floating petals, and for a time, however brief, I managed to ignore the presence of human speech.

But only for a moment. Then the peace was gone.

So to summarize that afternoon, I spent half my time travelling by subway to get to the Gardens, and only a short time actually there, as the weather was hot and the tourists were noisy and my head ached terribly. If there is a time that the Gardens are quiet, preferably in the evening or night, I would probably return to roam the area and enjoy the full splendor of the greenery. Knowing how unlikely that is, I think I will stick to the interior of my house instead.
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I decided I ought to watch Season 3 of Hannibal just to see what all the fuss was about, and now I know why it was so unpopular. I'll stick with my fanfic, thanks. ♥ I might post a Scrap with some of my little musings of story ideas for Hannibal's Influence.

As for The Garden of Earthly Delights, I'll work on it when I'm in the mood to do so; today is a lazy Sunday so I have all day to decide.
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Oh, boy, is it ever getting late! I'm almost at that stage of being too dizzy to stare at my computer screen for much longer. ;w; Oh well.

I decided, after some deliberation, to post several chapters of my pet fanfic Hannibal's Influence to my gallery. They've reached the stage where revision is mostly decorative, and I like them -- especially the first chapter -- enough to share. It may not seem like it from my messy prose, but I'm fussy with what I post. That's part of the reason why Beyond the Cold Wastes has been sitting incomplete for such a while.

But Hannibal's Influence is my current favourite story, and I've already planned out the 18 chapters which comprise it, as well as the 18 chapters of the sequel, Cannibal Dreams, which I hope to make as satisfying as its predecessor.

As always, I'd love to get comments in the pages or in a Note regarding the work; I'd gladly post more often if it got a good response. Feel free to link people to my page if you think they'd like it!

I'm also formulating a little independent story called Leonard's Tale, but it's going to have to go behind a "Mature Content" barrier so nobody blushes without their consent. ~w~ The first part, Garden of Earthly Delights, should make its way onto my page sometime in the next couple of weeks, perhaps earlier if I find it enjoyable enough in its current state. I'm writing it without any real guide except for vague sentiments crawling around my brain, so suggestions are welcome in private message. <3

Best to you all,

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I left off at Wednesday evening, having just enjoyed some top-notch Asian food and with plans to explore Providence a little more the next day... This chapter of my travelogue will conclude the set, as I have at this point returned to my dorm room.

My exploration of Providence on the 24th went very well; I visited the Sciences Library as well, and compiled a list of interesting books to look into later. I then walked the length of Angell Street until I reached South Angell Street and its own neighborhood, Wayland, where I got some tasty cookies. I had checked out of my room at the Bed & Breakfast by that point, so I carried a full backpack, and this served to tire me out quite satisfactorily through the course of the day.

I took the train to New London in the evening, and took a ferry across to Orient Point, where my relatives picked me up; the ferry trip was rather unpleasant, but it saved me an insignificant amount of money, and reminded me of why I choose comfort over speed. Nonetheless, I was exhausted by the time I got to the house, and fell asleep early.

The next day, I took care of some cosmetic appointments and spent the majority of the day relaxing with the cats. Time well spent, I daresay.

On Saturday I went to New York City with my sister, having promised her that I would bring her to the bookstore we'd gone to in the past, and we did that; we also went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, to visit the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden as requested by a professor of mine. It was a decent enough trip, but I had a headache by the time I got there and the noise of people did not help. My headache continued for the next twelve hours, approximately, despite my efforts to sleep it off, so that I was in a bad state for most of the night that night.

I woke up this morning (the 27th) around eight and relaxed a little bit longer before getting to the airport for my flights. These went well, but I was glad they were not at cost to my wallet, else I would have taken the train and returned earlier. A thunderstorm accompanied my arrival in Indiana, and this pleased me greatly; but it was short-lived, and by the time I returned to my dorm room and my large computer, the air was once again dry.

Tomorrow will begin another several weeks of work and school, and that will likely mean another long absence. I don't yet know.
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I left off at the morning of my first day in Providence, Monday the 21st. As of my writing this, it is Wednesday, March 23rd, and I have been enjoying Providence just as much as I'd hoped, if not more...

A little while after I first posted, I was able to check in at the Old Court Bed & Breakfast, where I have been staying; I took a shower, browsed Reddit, and eventually passed out, waking up around midnight. As I mentioned before, I met someone interesting on the train -- I chatted with him on Skype for several hours and went back to bed in the morning of the 22nd.

As it happens, I ended up missing breakfast on Tuesday morning (I woke up at eleven) so I went to the Panera Bread nearby and got soup and lemonade for brunch. It was pretty good. I then roamed Providence for another hour or so before going to the Rockefeller Library, and spent the remainder of the daylight hours in the basement reading and transcribing a story by August Derleth for my enjoyment later. At 9:30pm, I finally left the building, and promptly discovered a really marvelous Asian food place near my lodgings. I had two helpings of gyoza and a "potato twister" -- a crisp-fried whole potato sliced thin in a spiral, on a skewer, and topped with parmesan and a sauce that I forget the name of. I have high standards for gyoza and they were surpassed; in fact, I might go grab more later today. I had them for lunch midday today, after all.

Today, I roamed Providence closer to the Brown University campus, and especially around Thayer Street, which is very active in the afternoon, it turns out. The weather has been wonderful, and warm, and I've been enjoying myself quite a lot.

Tomorrow evening I leave for my hometown, but I hope to spend the rest of tomorrow browsing bookstores and the sciences library, which I somehow managed not to get around to visiting yet.

All in all? Things are going exceptionally well, and if anyone wants recommendations for cheap eats in Providence I now have things to suggest.

Best to you all.
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