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iii. The Stream

   By midday, Griffith's initial excitement had subsided, and while he retained the sense of wonder that had filled him at first sight of the grasslands, now he looked for the signs of the sentient, living beings that had to inhabit this land somewhere. As the sun paused overhead, he found a clue as to their possible locations: a small trickling stream between the hills, moving rapidly downhill towards what sounded like a larger river. Rounding the hilltop, Griffith spotted some larger game animals at the further-down streambed, necks sloping elegantly as they took their fill from the shallow waters. Their pelts were a glossy golden hue, radiant and lovely; Griffith delighted in the possibility of catching one later. They would certainly make for good furs.

   Deciding to test his luck, Griffith crept over to the two bucks nearest him, and was surprised by how close he could get to them without apparently being noticed. Moreover, when they did see him, the deer simply snuffled at him with large, friendly eyes, and went back to the streambed, lapping at the water with idle comfort. He ran his fingers through their fattened sides, relishing the soft warmth of the creatures; they were brilliant, simple things, and he could not bring himself to try and kill one for its hide. Not yet.

   Following the stream, Griffith came to a great river which roared westward, crashing against the big rocks which dotted its central line. From the topography, Griffith supposed it might have once been two parallel rivers, which in time joined together as one -- for in many places, sand and dirt marked miniature islands on which he could gain his footing. Staring into the rushing waters, Griffith was sure he saw the shadows of some large kind of fish, but he didn't dare test the waters just yet. A ways westward, he was so certain that he could see the outline of something...a bridge? There was no reason not to go and find out. Using his hand as a visor against the descending afternoon sun, he followed the shoreline westward, wondering just what a world he had come to.

Griffith spots his first body of water in the world beyond the wastes.

I'm having a lot of fun writing this. I'll be sure to continue, if you leave a comment! Thank you!
LostandFounding Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I love the deep detail in the story. It almost feels as if I'm actually there observing Griffith. :D
asakuun Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
>w< Thank you!

I'm working on Chapter Four at the moment...weighing carefully whether Griffith ought to meet the inhabitants of this land at the bridge, or not.
LostandFounding Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Take your time! :3 I'm not going anywhere ^.^
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November 21, 2015