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Random Hannibal Sketch by asakuun Random Hannibal Sketch :iconasakuun:asakuun 0 0 AO3 'Flower Language or, Absent Memory' (Original) by asakuun AO3 'Flower Language or, Absent Memory' (Original) :iconasakuun:asakuun 1 0 AO3 'Flower Language, or Absent Memory.' (Edited) by asakuun AO3 'Flower Language, or Absent Memory.' (Edited) :iconasakuun:asakuun 1 0
Halcyon Days, Chapter Four.
Halcyon Days.
iv. Imperfections
They would end their days at dawn, watching the sun rise int he cold autumn winds; he would breathe softly, afraid to disrupt the sacred silence of the vigil that welcomed them into sleep, and which would bring them into the world once more at dusk, when the shadows pressed firm over the land.
He dreamed often of the sunlight that he had forsaken in this adventure: bright and warm and soothing, golden over the grasses, shimmering in the steam coming off the ponds and streams - until the red oceans beyond the horizon swarmed over the sky and washed the world away; stranding him on a sandy strip with red all around him, till the sea rose again and filled his eyes and mouth, tasting of blood. Coppery and sweet. Until a few months went by, giving him time to get used to it all, he would wake with a start and a gasp; and once that time passed, he viewed the ocean with ambivalence, and turned his gaze to that which shif
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Halcyon Days, Chapter Three.
Halcyon Days
iii. Normalcy
A frenzy of house-cleaning and laundry the following morning brought to Delilah the feeling of freedom that she must have subconsciously yearned for this whole time. The midday sunlight saw her leave the house in her Sunday best, bearing a great basket full of cookies, and walking down the street, almost singing with happiness. It was an uncharacteristically sunny and warm day for early April, as if the weather brought good tidings to match her own feelings. Beside her walked Sam, similarly dressed - though his clothes were a little tight, as he'd put on some muscle while he was gone. The two rounded the corner and walked down the adjacent street, up to the house whose backyard faced their own. Like the Reese house, the Phillips homestead was a two-story white paneled house, with a small garden in the front and several large trees distributed across the front and back yards. Delilah was happy to see that Mrs. Phillips' ga
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Halcyon Days, Chapter Two.
Halcyon Days
ii. Truth Be Told...
"All right, can you repeat that for my report? From the date of departure, if you will, go over it again for me, Sam." The officer, trying not to show the confusion and disbelief on his face, put pen to legal pad and wrote down the basic information at the top of the page, then waited to hear it all again.
Honestly, if the one telling this story wasn't Sam Reese, wasn't the kid they all knew was the most trustworthy young man in the country, he wouldn't believe a word of it. But let the commissioner figure out whether to inquire further - he was only a grunt on the force. He wrote down what he heard.
"All right, so on the night I disappeared - I was patrolling the summer vacation homes district at about eleven p.m. and spotted a suspiciously parked white service van, unmarked. There look to be an illegal tint on the windows; I couldn't see inside. I went to call it in, and found my equipment unable to connect. Same for my
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Halcyon Days, Chapter One.
Halcyon Days.
Skin steaming in the cold autumn night, he shed the life that belonged to Sam Reese, and opened his eyes to the world as ██████████.
i. When Angels Hear Your Prayers...
The sun-bleached linoleum and plastic-coated cabinets in Delilah Reese's kitchen have been meticulously kept clean every day for fifty years. It was her parents' house, too, when they were young, and Delilah's life had always had its biggest moments at the polished, round table by the glass sliding door. For better or worse, it was her domain, this part of the house, and by force of habit she had drank her morning coffee here for thirty-eight years, since she was fifteen.
This table had often been a happy place, but not today. Not yesterday. Not, she sighed, since Sam had disappeared. Delilah picked at her piece of toast, teary-eyed at the sting of worry that surfaced at the thought. It was one of those days w
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(Corrupted Trainer) GHOST used Curse! by asakuun (Corrupted Trainer) GHOST used Curse! :iconasakuun:asakuun 2 0
Paradiso Story Concept, Part One
(Original work excerpted from Thomas Harris' Red Dragon.)
...from paperback pg. 99:
Graham stood up. "Thank you, doctor. I want to see Lecter now."
The steel door of the maximum-security section closed behind Graham. He heard the bolt slide home. Graham's simmering hate for the place stirred briefly in the back of his mind at the sound -- then dispersed as goosebumps down his neck and shoulders.
Graham knew that Lecter slept most of the morning. He hadn't used to, not in the Tuscan hills where gazing at the dawn could revive the dead. But here, trapped indoors, there was no sun to wake with. He looked down the corridor. At that angle he could not see into Lecter's cell, but he could tell that the lights inside were dimmed. It had bothered Graham endlessly, in his time in this place, that there was never any total darkness. He unconsciously ground his teeth at the thought, willing it away.
Graham wanted to see Dr. Lecter asleep. He wanted time to brace him
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Random Hannigram Story Snippet Number 1
There comes the easy glow of the morning sun, filtering through the stained-glass eastern windows, mildly reddening Will Graham's hair as he yawns and stretches in bed. It is just about dawn, and he feels energy reaching for his fingertips. Invigorated.
Often, this early in the morning, he greets the sun bare-chested with a cup of tea, or a mug of hot honeyed mead, standing beside Hannibal on the back deck of their cozy cottage. This morning, Will surmises, must be some kind of special day: the scent of sweet cinnamon things wafts through the air, and Hannibal is busy in the kitchen already.
Curious, the former Special Agent watches from the armchair for a while, uneager to speak and ruin the moment; it is Hannibal, always, who must speak first, he who controls their two lives so neatly, and who was he to deprive the man of that power? Eventually, Hannibal turns back to the table, and it is at this point that Will cannot suppress a gasp of surprise and wonder at what
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Hannibal's Influence, Chapter Four.
And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears:
And I sunned it with smiles,
And with soft deceitful wiles.

Two days and nights followed that first nightmare of the black waters rushing up to meet him; Will had struggled with sleep afterward, and found himself unable to close his eyes for long, however much he thought he wanted to let fate take its course. The hilly terrain close to West Virginia had given way to emptier plains, and finally he was among the golden grasses and near-harvest cornfields that characterized southern Indiana, cruising along the I-70 with the darkness simmering somewhere low in his gut. He could not eat anything, even if he was hungry, which he wasn't; the nausea would only slow him down.
Before dawn today, Will had awoken to the sharp ache of his pain medication wearing off; the renewed sensations were almost as bad as he remembered when he was gutted in the first place. His hands were trembling as he took out the pla
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Hannibal's Influence, Chapter Three.
And it grew both day and night.
Till it bore an apple bright.
And my foe beheld it shine,
And he knew that it was mine.

A chill breeze rent the warmth of Wolf's Trap, crisping the leaves with the essence of approaching autumn. The Graham house stood empty, its yard torn up by tires, looking like a crime scene. Hannibal Lecter was pleased to see it, found it suitable to the occasion; and, with a hint of a smile, slipped his Jaguar into place in the driveway, gravel crunching softly as another breeze set the forest to rustling. He opened Will's door with his personal key (had Will ever noticed that he'd made a copy?) and stood back for a moment, letting the saturated, stuffy air wash out in the breeze. Then with all the elegance of a houseguest to a castle, Lecter stepped into the room, walking amongst the empty bottles that littered the floor and lined the walls. It was evening, certainly, and he supposed he must have only just missed Will Graham's departu
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Hannibal's Influence, Chapter Two.

I was angry with my friend,
I told my wrath, my wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe,
I told it not, my wrath did grow.
And I watered it in fears,
Night and morning with my tears...

Graham didn't know why they'd called him all the way to Quantico, but he'd had nothing better to do on a day off, so here he sat, in the grey-walled hallway in a chair upholstered with stain-hiding fabric, like all the others in the row, his head in his hands because the fluorescent lights would stab him through the eyes if he looked around. He certainly didn't want to be here...and he had decided, if no one said anything to him for another five minutes, he didn't need to be here, and he would go home.
Three minutes passed. Four, and Graham was becoming annoyed at this nonsense. Five -- and he was standing up to leave, but a woman was walking over to him from the secretary's desk. "Excuse me, Mister Graham? A call just came for you." Will hadn't known her but then he
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Inferno (Hannibal's Influence), Chapter One.

Midway in our life's journey, I went astray
from the straight road and woke to find myself
alone in a dark wood. How shall I say
what wood that was! I never saw so drear,
so rank, so arduous a wilderness!
Its very memory gives a shape to fear.
...How I came to it I cannot rightly say,
so drugged and loose with sleep had I become
when I first wandered there from the True Way."

Night at the Graham house, Wolf Trap, Virginia. Masses of crickets chirping accompanied the otherwise still air that one would expect for such a warm August dusk; the noise from the bugs almost covered the sound of crunching gravel under Graham's pickup's tires as he pulled into the driveway after another long day at the hospital.
It was months after the injury -- he thought of it as the incident -- and physical therapy, combined with properly dosed medication, was chipping away at the remnants of what the stitches held closed. He was, if nothing else, healing. But beyond that
:iconasakuun:asakuun 1 2
Beyond the Cold Wastes, Chapter Four
iv. The Bridge
  It had been hard to spot at first, but indeed, there was a bridge over the river - a magnificent wood-and-stone construction, arching elegantly over the wild river. Griffith was in awe at the artistry of the design, and the impression of wealth that the construct gave off. No country at war could build this kind of infrastructure; no, this place was certainly peaceful. For some time, Griffith did not even dare take his first step, as if it were only there to be looked at, and some other, lesser bridge existed for utility nearby.
  The bridge was supported by five central beams, which protruded from the stone of the bridge itself in half-columns carved with bas-reliefs of dragons in motion. Glossy wood fence-beams curved with the bridge-floor between the columns, and gentle wooden lattice connected the beams to the stone in such a manner that it seemed almost as if they were the same material. Griffith noticed, suddenly, that the dragon
:iconasakuun:asakuun 2 5
Beyond the Cold Wastes, Chapter Three
iii. The Stream
   By midday, Griffith's initial excitement had subsided, and while he retained the sense of wonder that had filled him at first sight of the grasslands, now he looked for the signs of the sentient, living beings that had to inhabit this land somewhere. As the sun paused overhead, he found a clue as to their possible locations: a small trickling stream between the hills, moving rapidly downhill towards what sounded like a larger river. Rounding the hilltop, Griffith spotted some larger game animals at the further-down streambed, necks sloping elegantly as they took their fill from the shallow waters. Their pelts were a glossy golden hue, radiant and lovely; Griffith delighted in the possibility of catching one later. They would certainly make for good furs.
   Deciding to test his luck, Griffith crept over to the two bucks nearest him, and was surprised by how close he could get to them without apparently being noticed. Moreover, whe
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Mature content
Hannigram Sleeping Manip :iconnephilim-phoenix:Nephilim-Phoenix 25 0
Hannigram Sleeping Manip #2 by Nephilim-Phoenix
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Hannigram Sleeping Manip #2 :iconnephilim-phoenix:Nephilim-Phoenix 128 6
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Hans Character Tag
I was chosen to also pick HANS for this Character Tag by Summer-Peaches :D

Here are the rules again: 
1. Pick a character you've created.
2. Answer the questions as if you are that character
3. Tag 4 people! MeLoDyClerenes UltySo AyoraPics Sleyf 
1. What is your name?

You may call me "Hans". Nothing more, and nothing less.
2. Do you know why you were named that?
My creator thought it would be clever.  Since I control the "Hands" of Time, he thought "Hans" Would be a good name for myself. I enjoy his name pick...but I damn the pun he made out of it.
3. Single or taken?
Alas I am a man with no spouse, though long ago the situation would have been different.
4. Have any abilities or powers?
My abilities? Aha! I was once a very talented magician who can make things disappear AND REAPPEAR! ... Also I can control the very fabric of time.
5. What's your eye color?
Mostly Yellow besides the bloody cl
:iconlostandfounding:LostandFounding 3 14
Glitter Tears by LethalKitten Glitter Tears :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 88 23 Mermaid Tears by LethalKitten Mermaid Tears :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 83 42 Midnight Sea by LethalKitten Midnight Sea :iconlethalkitten:LethalKitten 110 26 My selfmade (let me call it) Ironfist  by xxBlomexx My selfmade (let me call it) Ironfist :iconxxblomexx:xxBlomexx 4 14


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Hey all,

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